Help! Disconnect and Sync issues.

So this just started happening a few nights ago and it is a bit different every time and I am not sure what to do here:

The first game I just kept coming unsynced and had to resync every few turns.

The next night I kept DCing every few minutes.

Just now I tried playing a match and it would close out all my windows any time dice were rolled. i would have to resync to bring it all back up and then i would suddenly Disconnect.

All of these times when I would re-join after the disconnect there would be more than one copy of my name in the room. Up to 4-5 copies of me at some point… (Last I checked I didn’t know how to clone myself)

It is to the point of being unplayable. I opened port 5050 as i saw suggested online and no luck. I disabled my Avast anti-virus and no love there either. Any ideas?