Help installing Vassal pls.


I cant seem to download or install Vassal on my machine. The file size of the file I get from the download link is of 12,6kb. When I open the aplication (MSDos window) I get this error mesage: (Subsystem MS-DOS 16 bits, pop up window) The CPU NTVDM has found a not allowed instruction. CS:0712 IP:0104 OP:63 74 79 70 65 Choose “Close” to end aplication.

I had to translate from spanish so it might vary a bit.

My set-up:

Home made PC
Pentium 4, 2.80 GHz.
512MB Ram
ATI Radeon 9250 (256MB ram)
XP Home SP3
Java 6 V. 1.6.0_25

Any help would be much welcome.


Got it sorted! Just for the record… If your behind a firewall, the installer will not run!

I wanted to delet the post but timer is fast on this forum.

Thanks anyway!