Help, they go crazy!

:mrgreen: I am afraid by the demands of the players when designing the modules, because I feel that Vassal is no longer a game help, but tends to become a game in itself.

We are now asked to automate the procedures for excessive play, to prevent cheating possible, to do the calculations, etc …

Examples? of course:

Prevent counting the number of pieces stacked, yes, but on a boardgame is it possible to avoid it?
Hide his pieces, yes but on a boardgame do I go to the WC with confidence?
To make calculations, yes, but on a boardgame who make this?
Etc …

Vassal in its first definition allows the game to real-time remote or by mail, so we stay in this respect or have programmed games with artificial intelligence to play by mail?

So yes it can improve certain aspects of the game, but please, stay in reasonable limits!

OK I go out :arrow_right:

Pierre Bulle.