Help us find some testimonials for the new site

The new site front page has space for 3-6 user testimonials, which means we need some testimonials to put there!

I know people have said nice things about VASSAL over the years—I’ve read many of them myself—but quotes suitable for user testimonials are hard to search for, and—again, because I’ve read every post in this forum, our forum at ConsimWorld, and any post BoardGameGeek about VASSAL at one time or another—I have only the vaguest memories of where I read anything in particular.

Therefore: I could use your help in tracking down some quotes suitable as candidates for user testimonials, from this forum, some other forum, an article somewhere online—anything you can find. Good testimonials will be short, one to three sentences; about 30 words max. (We probably have space for at most one which comes in at 30 words; three which are around 10 words would fill about the same space.)

To help: Point me to the relevant quote. Give me a URL.

You don’t need to contact anyone about using their quotes; what I want is raw material for us to select from. Once we have that, we’ll see about asking for permission to use the ones we want to use.

(Alternatively, if you’d like to give us a quote to use, go ahead: Put it here.)

As a game designer, -scholar and gamer, Vassal has been a godsend not only during 2020-21, allowing me to play games remotely, play games that would require too much space and run prototypes. Seeing its continued development always brings joy to my heart.