Help with Screen Capture / Image Quality


I’m trying to figure out a way to capture screen shots from vassal games, edit the images and use them for illustrated AARs. When I use the button in the module to capture the map as .png image, that works, but if I want to crop and zoom in on the image, the quality doesn’t seem to be very high and I get a lot of pixelation.

If I use Print Screen / Paste, that also works but only captures the entire screen, and there is still some issue with picture quality.

Does anyone have any experience doing this in a way that the image come out nicely?

Thanks for any help,


Thus spake “fatgreta”:

When you take a screenshot or use VASSAL’s capture tool, you’re getting a
bitmap image. Upscaling bitmap images will always result in loss of image
quality. The solution is to zoom in to the desired level before capturing
a picture.


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OK, thanks!