Here I Stand (500th Anniversary Edition)

Hello! I am hoping to organise a full six player game of the Here I Stand (500th Anniversary Edition) via PBEM. We would use the 1517 start and randomly assign nations. I wasn’t planning on using ACTS for convenience but that is a possibility if it is preferred. I have been involved with games like this in the past and it is very helpful if you have experience with the game, familiarise yourself with the rules (posted below) in any case - I will certainly be rereading them! If you haven’t played before that isn’t a strict disqualification but you must be motivated to learn and understand the game properly as it is very difficult to teach online, I will post an excellent after action report below if you would like to see a play by play example.
Also a note to anyone interested that this game may take several months to complete and if you cannot expect to keep up at least a moderate level of commitment (perhaps not responding within a matter of hours, but at least days) please refrain from joining.

Otherwise to those who are excited about an epic asymmetrical political/religious/military conflict for the hearts and minds of Renaissance Europe please respond in the thread or PM me directly.

Currently we have four slots available.

Rules: … S-2017.pdf

Detailed AAR: … and/page/1
This one doesn’t go move by move, but still gives a good overview and provides pictures of the board state: … ninitiated

Card Manifest:

High Quality Map:

Link to Vassal Module:

I have not played Here I Stand before, but I have played some games with similar-ish mechanics, and would be willing to teach myself using the rules and any online resources I fish out on my own time. :slight_smile:

I could commit to responding usually every day, and at the very worst every second day.

Let me know if that works for you; if you’re looking for more experienced players then I totally understand!

We currently have two slots remaining.

We have one slot remaining and we have decided we will be using ACTS after all, so if you don’t already be sure to make an account:

JimD - I’m in if that slot is still available (or as backup for drops)…plz check you pm.


Hmmm…sorry to see this one go dark…sigh.

Hi Jim,

If all the slots are taken, can you add me as a possible player for future games? I have been running two HIS and two VQ game pbem games for more than five years now. I love both games and am well versed in the rules.

Please send me a pm anytime about a future game.


Really sorry guys, I meant to update the thread stating that we are full and that we did start the game some time ago. I absolutely will consider you both for any games I organise in future.