Here I Stand PBEM

I’m new to vassal, but I downloaded the module for HIS and played several games solo, so I understand how it works quite well.
Looking for people who would like to play this great game by e-mail. As I have never tried PBEM, people who have some experience in it would be appreciated)

I would be interested as the game is great but I don’t have opponents. I have never tried the 2 player variant and I hear it’s better with more players.


I have the game but didnt played yet, and Im a newbie here. But I would like to play PBEM, if you think theres no problem.

I have played vassal pbem, but not HIS. I downloaded the rules and the player aids. Would be interested in a multi-player game with all you guys. Let’s give it a shot.

four people are interested. that’s good)) I suppose we can wait a little more time for two more people to join.
Are you all ok to start, let’s say, next monday (November,15) if no more people appear?

Hi shadowalex,

I’m still fighting with the rules (man, 48 pages isnt a breeze), and November,15 is a holiday here in Brazil - so I’ll be at beach all weekend, comming back to work only tuesday, could you extend the deadline a little? A couple more days to read the rules would be good, can I suggest the other monday (22)?

Ah, just to start to work in the game schedule, I think I can respond quickly monday/friday, but dont expect quickly moves during weekends…


I have a guy I’m currently playing TYW with. He is an experienced HIS player here on vassal. He is considering joining us, but has concerns about the game dragging and then people quiting. It sounds like a game that requires timely attention to turns to keep it moving. Something for all to consider.

I am okay with a short delay as I would like to get more familiar with the rules and I’ll be out of town this weekend. I think the 22nd is a good idea to allow time to set up, read the rules and maybe even do a dry run prior just to make sure everyone is comfortable with the mechanics.


Ok, I think November,22 is fine.
That experienced guy is really needed :smiley: Then he can help with the process. ANyway, we have available places and he is really welcome.
Still we need conformation from everyone who wants to participate. As for me, I’m ready to be very quick with my moves. Every working day or at least once in two days. The only period I will probably be off is New Year holidays here in Russia from January,1 to January,10 (not because we drink so heavily 8) here but because I’ll go on holiday) and still I will try to be online as much as possible at that time.
Question for those who are in: which side would you like to take? Ottoman, Hapsburg, England, France, Pope, Protestant. Consider that playing Ottoman or Protestant is easier for starting players while playing Hapsburg is perhaps the most challenging. Those who do not have any preferences will be assigned with what is left . If more than one side is left - by random dice roll.

Thank you,

Checking in!

Well, as newbie I think Im in for Ottoman/Protestant rules…
Anyway I will try to read ALL rules! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just for curiosity, where are you guys from and which time zone are you in?
I’m Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro but living near Sao Paulo right now, my time zone is GMT-2…

I have no preference for side. I have not heard back from the other guy yet regarding HIS. Also am trying to recruit another experienced player, but no luck yet. I am in Houston, Texas.


Sent you email. The guy I told you about is going to play. He is experienced HIS and vassal player. Should really help the learning curve.


well, that’s really nice news. I’ll write him an e-mail and I hope he’ll take the leading role in guiding us through the process.

I’m from Russia, St.Petersburg. So it’s CET+2 here.

P.S. I suppose we could try to play several phases just to see how it all works during the week prior to the official game start) I’ll be more available starting from thursday as now have very important project to complete.

I wrote to Jeffrey who is an experienced player and he agreed to setup a game for us. These his words:
“The best thing is for us to play by ACTS. It’s a free website that organizes and distributes the cards. It also sends out die rolls and messages to every player.
Everyone should go to, sign up for an ACTS account, and then send me the names and I’ll set up a game”.

So I suppose we should do as Jeffrey says, just send me your names in ACTS and I resend them to Jeffrey. And then we’ll decide how many people we need to start.

Form ACTS site:

“Please note that ownership of the games is required. ACTS is not intended to be a complete “game referee”; it knows very little about the rules of the games, and management of the game outside the decks of cards is left to the players.”

Well, I have the game, but why to use ACTS if it only handle the cards, while vassal handle the whole board too?
It would be easier to handle the whole play from the pc, no?
Or am I missing something here?


Do you have six players, yet? I’d love to get in on this.


Im a little more busy than I thought I would be 2 weeks b4, but I dont like to give up if it would hurt the game.
If brederic really want to take my place, and I think there’s already 6, its all right for me.



If you can play and want to, by all means do so, but if you can’t I would be happy to step in, if that is alright with everyone involved.


Yes we are at six. We will keep you in mind though if someone has to drop. Otherwise stay tuned for the next game. This appears to be a highly sought after game here on vassal.