Here I Stand pbem

Our previous HIS game ended and most of us want to play again. We have one or two open spots if anyone is interested. We’ll be using ACTS for cards/dice and Vassal for the board.

Joe A

I would be interested, when are you starting ?

We’ll start as soon as we have 6 people. Currently 3 from the previous game and you, so waiting for two more to reply.

I’d be interested in playing as well.

I’m interested although I am new and currently learning how to play through a solo game. I have never used ACTS as well. Also just a quick heads up that if I play I will be away during parts of the Christmas period and the 5th to 8th of Jan. I would prefer to start around 10th jan

We have 6 now, so go to make an account and send me your username, email, and power preferences so I can set up the game.
New players are quite welcome.

Joe A

sorry did not log in for a while…has the game started, or is still ok to join ??

Someone left before the game started. Looking for one more.

If you still have an opening I’d be interested in joining. Haven’t done PBEM with Vassal before.

Still do. See above.