Here I Stand

Should be fairly explanatory from the title. I’m hoping to organise a game of Here I Stand (500th Anniversary edition) PBEM, with the option to do an accelerated session if it can be organised. Currently looking for four additional opponents to bring us up to the optimal six-player game. Personally I would prefer the 1517 start date but I am open to negotiation. I have no preference for the different nations (although a little sympathy :slight_smile: )but if you have one in mind feel free to call dibs, otherwise we will most likely do random nations.

Obviously if you’ve played the game and have experience with VASSAL that is great, here are some good links if you are curious or want to prepare yourself:

Rules: … s-2010.pdf

Card Manifest:

High Quality Map:

I sent you a PM. You just got an opponent. ;)

That makes four, two more slots available.

Ok, thanks for the interest we have a full game now.

Do you still need one more player?