Hero Quest!!!!!!

Looking for people to play Hero Quest with on vassal. Weekly or just when ever. I just started using it and I am super excited to get into all the Expansion Packs I never got to see as a kid.

Id be happy to try. I never had a chance to play the board game, just the Dos port of it. I watched a bunch of video tutotrials for the game and its not that difficult to learn. Id probably play pretty slow in the beginning, but Id be fine. If I picked up 40k then I shouldnt have trouble with this.

I was wondering how you’d organise the play of this game via Vassal — if you were using the published Quests, then any of the hero players could gain independent access to the particular Quest details. Normally, the DM needs to keep all these details secret.

Count me in. Just let me know when and at what time you plan on running a quest. I’m available Sunday mornings and afternoons (between 3-5:30pm) GMT -4

Hey I’m up for Hero Quest as well!

When I had it as a kid I never got past the original campaign - due to my brothers not sharing my enthusiasm for it for as long as me.

I’m GMT +10 so what time would you guys want to play it with me?

I’d like to be the Barbarian.

Hope to speak with you all soon,


I would very much like to join in on a game.

btw, I’m Kanadaicsaj on skjpe

Hey I’ve never tried the game, but it looks like fun. Let me know if you need another player. The skype is Superuberbob.

I don’t know if you are still looking for players, but if so, I would love to join in.