Hex grid maps and the seams

i support a module with 4 maps laid out as

the hex grid is staggered along the north/south seam between maps A and B and maps C and D.

i had to trim the maps and then define their edges in vassal. once i do that i have every other hex along the seam that is partly on map A and partly on map B. if i move a stack and drop it near the left edge of the hex it lands on map A. if i drop a stack near the right edge then it lands on map B.

the problem is i get counters on both maps but the mouseover feature typically shows just the counters on map B. this is very annoying. in order to really see what is in a seam hex, we have to move the stack out and see if the engine then shows another stack.

my only solution has been to stack up some KTX markers in these seam hexes so the players drop their moving stacks atop the KTX markers. that keeps the stacks in the map B side of the seam.

does anyone have any suggestions on how i can avoid this problem?


No help with this?

To me this is the most irritating bug in VASSAL right now.

Hi, so far no one has posted anything but you.

it is a terrible bug because counters just disappear. we have to move all the counters out of a seam hex to see if any other counters are “hidden” in the seam hex. if i then put them all into a single stack in a non-seam hex and then move the stack back to the seam hex, it looks ok on mouse over.

Bug 10433 has been entered for this little bastard.