Hex Grid Numbering System

Hex Grid Numbering System.

No matter what I do, after I have created the hex grid, which is nearly always perfect (there’s a way to do that if you’re careful), the hex numbering system is Always off.

Why can’t a system be developed that allows a designer to draw a small box in 4 adjacent hexes. In that box he inputs 4 hex numbers that are supposed to be there, and then the computer calculates the rest of the grid from there? I don’t care what Joel Toppen says, that Grid Numbering window is NOT intuitive and self explanatory and it never gives me a correct hex numbering system, NEVER!

Hex numbering window in Vassal is tricky, true, but what also is true is that it works in 80% cases.

I couldn’t recreate Tonkin’s numbering system (mix of numbers and letters positioned in most weird way), it wouldn’t work for older games from Polish publishers but it works fine otherwise.