Hide Cards Drawn Into Player's Hand in Up Front 3.4.7

The latest version of Up Front, 3.4.7, now has new feature "Draw cards face up in the Player Hand.

This is not desirable when playing in Solitaire mode. I want it as it was before when the cards were drawn face down into the hand.

Can this feature be put back by giving the user a way to select which way the cards are drawn into the hand?

I suggest you go to the Up Front Vassal page where you downloaded the module. Find the contributor who made this change, write to them, and tell them what you want. If that doesn’t work, reply to your message here, and someone probably will be able to help you.

I’ve already looked at that. There was only a name of the contributor but no email or other contact info which then led me to post here.
I’m continuing to use the 3.4.5 version that does have the feature I want still working, but I’d like to see it made available in the new one going forward.
Thanks for your input on this,I do appreciate it!

A) If you’re logged in to the wiki, there is a maintainer and a 2nd contributor listed below the module versions, and both have e-mail links (the e-mail links don’t appear if you’re not logged in).

B) Did you check the Preferences window and see if they added an option to disable this new feature (I have no idea if they did or not, just wanted to make sure you checked)?

A) I went straight from logging in here to the modules page in the wiki. I saw the two names as I mentioned in my original post but there is no email link that you speak of that I can see anywhere on that page.

B) Yes, I always check a module for preferences or other option locations for any changes, but I didn’t see anything there to be able to turn this new feature on/off.

I appreciate your responding to my post, so thanks.
It’s no big deal as I can still use the 3.4.5 version where the feature is still active.

Hello, BogWraith
you run Vassal software,
without open Up Front module,
only one click on Up Front row,
after one right mouse click on Up Front, you choose Edit Module.
When the module is opened you search the National Hands,
after for each Hand (there are eight hands “German, Russian, US, ecc.”)you need right mouse click on it and you choose “Properties”.
In the new window , you need delete “CTR+F” at the last row “key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”.
When you deleted all “CTR+F” for each hands you save the Up Front module.
Best Regards
P.S. sorry for my English.

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First of all, your English is just fine, no need to apologize my friend!

I edited the decks as you described and it works perfectly now!
I even left the French deck as it was just to test, and all the decks now had the cards face down in the hands, but the French deck stayed face up, so I knew it all worked as it should.

I then changed the French deck as well and now all is working like it was before the change was made in the 3.4.7. mod.

Thank you very much for your help in fixing this back to the way it was. I very much appreciate it! :sunglasses: