Hide null named menu & its contents from the Pre-Defined Setups list

Introduction: I am maintaining a module with many, many predefined scenarios that are indexed via some custom code. The vast majority of the scenario files do not need to appear on the normal File… scenario drop-downs that Vassal allows us to configure. So far, so good.

However, the mass-file Refresh tool (Refresh Pre-Defined Setups) only processes .vsavs that are listed in the module’s Pre-Defined Setup structure.

I have asked if the refresh tool could be amended to give the option to process all .vsavs within the module. However, this proposal offers perhaps a quick and easy workaround…

… if it is necessary to continue to define PDS files as Pre-Defined Setups in the module, for the refresh tool to find them, let this be the case but provide instead a way to hide those PDS files from the user.

Without requiring a major Vassal release, perhaps empty (or special coded) menu names could be interpreted by Vassal as “do not display this branch to the user”. It is hard to conceive of a good reason why a menu branch should have no title.

Example of such a structure defined in Vassal:

How it appears in the current version of the player (Vassal v3.6.7):

If implemented as I’ve requested, the last, blank menu option would not appear at all, nor any of its contents.