Hitler's Reich New Player

Used Vassal for several solitaire games. Interested in finding a player to try learning both Hitler’s Reich (playing solitaire now against German bot to learn rules) for either PBEM, or sessions if we can find compatible day and times.

Experienced Vassal player would be nice to help me, an old guy, learn Vassal PBEM steps and session steps.

Hoping to find a long term Vassal partner as I live in a rural area with no possibility of face to face game opportunities.

I’m not a hardcore win at all costs exploit every rule player. Looking for fun and reliability.

Thanks, Lee

Hi Lee,

I may be interested - don’t know the game, but am well familiar with Vassal and how that works. You probably have a better idea of how the game would work in pbem mode ?! Also, I don’t have the game, and often a Vassal module doesn’t contain ALL the essential play-aids - to protect the company(s sales of the physical game. I can download, rules, playbook and PlayAid 1, but I think there are two play-aids in the game. Do you own the game ? Do you have all the tables and charts needed?

Let me know how you feel - taking it slow to start - I’ve other commitments, but can usually get to a ‘simpler’ game turn on a daily basis.

Contact me directly on


We’ll discuss it further



Yes I own a copy of Hitler’s Reich so that satisfies GMT’s policy that one player own a copy to engage in a game on Vassal.

Email sent.



Opponent found. Post closed.