Hitler's War - module updated to v2.0.0

Hitler’s War v2.0.0 now available. Updates include:

  • Chat log reporting vastly improved, both unit names and strength (as suffix) are reported. Enabled HTML chat to allow bold/color in chat log. Add reporting for increase/decrease strength.
  • Added rotation for Armies (only), allowing orientation towards hex being attacked.
  • Added text labels for Armies, Fleets, etc. Allows recording pertinent info for Armies (e.g., assault, advance, done (for exploit), used (for assault), OOS (out of supply)) and Navies (e.g., in port, at sea).
  • Added RETURN function to various units (e.g., Armies) that will move them to their appropriate record card, in the correct location (saves having to drag to different map window). This also clears any strength.
  • Added Inventory to record a snapshot of current position.
  • Added Summary for Armies, Fleets, Forts, Missiles. Records current deployed (i.e., on main map) units and total strength (e.g., infantry). This allows for easy check of before/after totals when doing move/re-organize and builds. For Armies, the number of eligible leaders (optional rule) is calculated.
  • Finished implementation of leaders. Note that leaders should not be pulled from the “Piece menu” but rather from the Draw Leaders window. Leaders include a “Return to Cup” option for “No Leader” and real leaders (when wounded/killed).
  • Added zones to Research boxes on Record Cards, so research echos to chat log.
  • Added README (this file) and version history file to help menu.
  • Changed certain counters so they are harder to move accidentally (e.g., control markers).
  • Added generic “P0-9” and “10-19” counters to track research and unit costs where needed.
  • Added Vassal turn tracker to make turn tracking easier and implement chat reporting of both current turn and any special things applicable to that turn.
  • Fixed location of Note 7 on Map Time Record Track from Winter 1942 to Spring 1943 per rules.
  • Barbarossa - Initial Axis production set to 35, which is what they control on the board (note rules say 34).
  • Improve map stacking offsets.
  • Change default zoom option on Record Cards.
  • Rebuild scenarios. Add Campaign-1 w/ Neutrals.