Holland 44 anyone?

Looking for pbem for this game as I batten down the hatches for another lockdown. I have the other Mark S games and would be keen to try them later as well. I am on the east coast, GMT-5.

I’d be down. Never used Vassal before, but live play would be preferred.

Anyone else?
I’m interested in playing and learning.
I have the board game but want to start with Vassal.


Bob, I am interested in a PBEM game, have played a few times solitaire, am good with the rules. What frequency can you do a turn? I have typically done card based games PBEM, but should be able to do a turn every 2 or so days. exceptions would be when work gets crazy.

I’m in!

My email is Rookieboardz@gmail.com

Im newbie looking for opponents pbem for normandy 44, Stalingrad 42 or Holland 44
It will be my first time using vassal so…be patient
I live in Spain

Hi, I would be up for playing on a weekly basis either Holland 44, Normandy 44, Ardennes 44. I am from Germany btw.

I will be very happy to play both Normandy44 and Holland44
I am waiting to be contacted

I’m Keen to play an learn, though I’ve never used vassel to play, let alone via email :slight_smile:

Pavlovs House
Fields Of Fire

Watch all the above : how to play but never actually played, so anyone thats happy to take a newbie an guide us then all well and good

Looking to pbem Holland '44, I’m new to both H44 and Vassal but I’d like to learn them better. If someone is looking for a game with a newbie shoot me a PM.