Holland 44

Looking for a game. Have solo’d it a few times, got the jist of the mechanics. PM me if available.

Hi - I’ve read the rules but have not played yet. Are you looking for live or PBEM? Holland '44 looks like a good system for PBEM - Skype does not support my old Mac OS, so live play involves typing thru Vassal’s chat feature. I’m in Ohio, so same time zone as you. Let me know if/how you want to play & how often. I’m “retired” so I’m more busy than ever, but I could probably get a turn done every other day if PBEM, or play live once or twice a week.


I’d like to play a PBEM game at a relaxed pace, maybe one or two turns per week. I’ll take either side.


I would like a slow paced game also. Did you get a game?