How do I actually upload a file?

Documentation says:

“If you’ve added an entry for your module in the Files section of your module page, then you should see a red link in that row. To upload the file corresponding to that link, simply click the link. Doing so will take you to an upload page where you can upload your file.”

Except my edits are being sent to a moderator. So I can’t actually click any link. How does this work in practice? The link would be broken if the edits would be approved, until I find the chance to actually see the approved edits and upload the file. Is that correct?

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When previewing your edits (instead of just submitting them), the red non-functional link will appear, and you can open it in a new tab to get to the Upload File page for that link. Then everything should work when both the uploaded file and the edited wiki page have passed through moderation.

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Another option is to go to any page on the VASSAL main site (say module listing - not forum pages), and scroll down to the bottom. On the far left, above the footer, you will find a Tools menu. Clicking that will give you the option to upload a file too.

When previewing your edits (instead of just submitting them), …

After you have submitted an edit you can go back to the page, and you should have a coloured box at the top in which you can click a link and it will take you to your edit. Then click the Preview button to render your edits - including the “dead links” (red links) which you can click to upload the file.


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