How do I find opponents for a game now (not 3 months ago)??

OK Iā€™m a newb and I swear that when I first loaded up vassal there was a screen showing me who was where and playing what. Since I downloaded and sign up I cannot find the list anywhere :frowning:
All links on forums seem to be out of date?
I hate searching forums as they are chaos supreme.

Do I hang around in empty rooms waiting for someone to come in??
Is there anyone out there??

p.s. looking to play Britannia, Game of Thrones (there are probably too many versions to actually find someone to play?), War and Peace, Small World and anything Napoleonic

Google: Vassal Server Status and you will see who is playng and what :slight_smile: or click here

Iā€™m up for a game of War and Peace if your still looking for opponent ?

For picking up games on short order, this might be the place to go: