How do I get in touch with a 'maintainer' of a module?

I have been working on upgrading the interface for a module I play often, and would like to share my upgrades with the community. The page for the module lists the name of the maintainer- but not a way to actually contact them? I’d like them (Edgar Gallego) to review/bless/reject/upload my module revisions. This is my first time doing something like this- so apologies If I am approaching it incorrectly.


Try posting in Module Support, or you can try this thread over on BoardGameGeek: Vassal Module Available Here | 2 Minutes to Midnight

Make sure you are LOGGED-IN.

If not logged in, just the maintainer/contributor name shows.

If you are logged in (and they have a linked email), then it will show as a hyperlink w/ email address.

It is in general good advice to check if you’re logged in, since maintainer email addresses are shown only if you’re logged in. However, it won’t help in this particular case as the maintainer hasn’t provided an email address.

Thanks everyone! I was able to get in touch with them on BGG and am working through updating it now.