How do I start vassal in Linux?

Ok, this is probably an easy one, but I searched and couldn’t find. Running a Chromebook with android Version 118.0.5993.124 (Official Build) (64-bit). Enabled linux, downloaded the linux files and unpacked. How do I execute the file? I am a first time linux user. Sincere apologies if I’ve missed something obvious. Usually google will provide an answer, but too many unknowns for me to decipher.

I dd successfully install Java per the instructions as well.

You run in a terminal, like any shell script. E.g., from the directory where,, is:

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Success! There was a little more to it than executing, I found out, but after a few hundred trial and errors, got it working. Joel, thanks for the help, it gave me enough of a clue that I could keep going. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Really appreciated.

Would you mind explaining what you did, for anyone else who sees this thread?

Sure, should have thought of that too. Basically, I had to:

  1. learn the command line syntax, e.g. cd, ls, etc., enough to be able to change directories and list out files.
  2. Figure out the file structure of the chromebook, which (on mine) is mnt/chromeos/[MyID]/Myfiles and so on. The file helped clue me in on that. Double clicking on the file resolved to the correct path, which then I could navigate to.
  3. Realize it’s case sensitive, I’m used to working in the opposite

The breakthrough was really #2, once I had that, was just a matter of navigating to the right place.

I’ve gotten so used to point and click that my command line skills were seriously rusty. And to think at one time, that’s how we all worked.

Once again, the community saves the day! :partying_face: