How do I upload a revised module

Prior to the change to the Vassal web site to upload a new module I would go to the module page and click on the Edit tab and set myself up as a contributor.
Now on the new site I cannot see the word Edit.
Will someone please tell me the new procedure for uploading modules.
Thank you.

Make sure you’re logged into the wiki, then look for this button near the top of the page to start editing:

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Thank you very much for your quick reply. It must be my age. Now that you have told me I realise that I should have been able to work it out for myself.

The need to log in to the wiki is, admittedly a bit unexpected and not how I’d intended it to be. It’s this way because I have auto-login turned off at present, due to a different problem with that.

What is intended to happen is that logging from either the forum or the wiki logs you in to both, and logging out from either one logs you out of both. We may yet get that sorted out, but that job hasn’t made it to the front of the queue yet.