How Does Vassal Work, does it need connection to Internet?

Have a question on how Vassal 2.9 generaly works when running from my computer. This was posted somewhere else also.

I am still wondering why my 2.9 is accessing the website. I am NOT using webstart. I just uninstalled and reinstalled 2.9. Tried it again and got the same windows as I mentioned before. I decided to unplug the LAN cable to my DSl to see what would happen. Got a window that said the program was trying to access the internet. Since it was not connected I just selected continue I think and was able to open my existing game with no apparent problem. Why does the program want to connect to the vassal website each time the program is started? Can that be changed?

Thanks for any help.


VASSAL can be played if you’re not connected to the internet. It shouldn’t be accessing the internet unless you try to connect to the server, so if it is that’s a bug. However, even if it is accessing the internet when you’re not connected, you should be able to load and save logfiles normally.


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Would you check whether this also happens in 3.0.17?

I knew that it can be played not connected to the internet, I have had vassal for over a year I think and never saw this, that why I am curious about why this started. It does look like I can play normally even if not connected though.

Yesterday before my post, I deleted both versions to reinstall 2.9 again. Right now I really don’t want to put 3.0 back on.

If this started after you upgraded Java, then it’s most likely something
that changed in one of the Java classes which we use. We would appreciate
your help in determining which one. Can you tell us precisely when your
firewall complains?

Will do Joel. I will do that a little latter today. I don’t follow what you mean by my firewall complaining though. I don’t think it is complaining at all. When I am connected to the internet and go to start 2.9 this happens;

I begin by clicking on my shortcut on my desk top of the
"launch_module.jnlp file.
A small window appears: “Java Starting”
Then a window that says:
[color=red]Java Webstart
Downloading Name: Vassal
Publisher: Rodney Kinney
A progress bar at the bottom of that window starts and finishes then the Vassal Start Module window come up. I am able to play my modules and games no problem. I have also never seen the java strating window before I updated Java.

I decided to unhook my LAN cable to my modem to see what happens:
Got a window that said the program was trying to access the internet (makes sense because I am not connected).
Since it was not connected I just selected continue (have to retry this to see what the exact window and choices said). From there it went to the standard Vassal Start Module window. I was able to open my existing game with no apparent problem and it seemed I could do what I needed to do not connected to the internet.

All the above is with 2.9. Also checked from the java site my Java version is 6 update 3. I did notice though Joel in that error log I sent you the Java line did not show that?

Also I got your email Joel and will give that a try next day or so.


Thus spake “jtovb”:

I thought it was your firewall that was telling you that VASSAL was trying
to connect to the internet. My mistake.

Which version of Java are you using? I think this part is just a difference
between Web Start in Java 1.5 and in 1.6.

You can test this at the same time as the other problem with the build I’ve
asked you to try. In this build, you’ll find an executable VASSAL.exe to use
for starting VASSAL. Try launching it without being connected to the network.
My hunch is that you won’t see that dialog—I’m guessing it’s something to
do with Web Start in Java 1.6.


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Java is 1.6. I will try a couple of things in the next few days.

This is not a crisis :slight_smile: I am still able to play.

Thanks for the support.