How is TRC3v22 supposed to be loaded?

I must be missing something … Every other game module I’ve downloaded has a *.mod file. I’ve played them all with no problem. I download the Russian Campaign file, however, and I get a folder with a whole bunch of files and nary a .mod file in sight.

Am I missing something? How is this module supposed to be played.

The file on website is a .vmod file, this is the new suffix for Vassal module files.

All modules are in fact zip files (even if not named .zip) and your browser must be configured to automatically expand zip files. You need to turn this option off in your browser. Alternatively, you can collect all the files it created and zip them up, rename it to TRC.vmod and open it.


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Thanks! Not only did that help, but installing Vassal 3.1 was a big improvement.