How many members?

Don’t know if there is any to tell.
But roughly how many “members” are there in the Vassal community.
I guestimate around 3000.
Hopefully there are about 10 x that many. Right?

There are some things for which we have accurate counts: There are around 9000 forum accounts. We know how many rooms there are per month on the game server. We know how many downloads there are for each version.

None of those things tell you how many users there are. Many users don’t have forum accounts. Game server usage doesn’t count any asynchronous play. Download statistics for the current version don’t tell you how many users of older versions there still are, and we have good reason to believe that users keep using old versions for a long time. People tend to finish games before upgrading. The current release of VASL is still on 3.6 and will be for a month yet. It was ages after 3.6 was released before we stopped seeing questions about 3.5; I don’t expect that to be different with 3.7. Downloads provide a lower bound, though. The most informative releases to consider are ones which were current for for more than a few weeks. E.g., 3.6.7, which was current for six months, had over 50000 downloads.

Thanks for all the work Joel.
That’s way more than I anticipated.
Good stuff.