How to Change Server Manually in any VPN Service

Hello friends,
after a long time finally i am here to ask my query about VPN server changing, i am currently using IVacy VPN service and its one of the best for unblocking Geo-Restricted sites including social media but but i am unable to change the server on this service,

AnyOne here to help me about this matter??


It could just be the way the VPN service reacts to this site. I use ibVPN, which I can use as an extension on my browser. If I click the extension and switch servers, I just have to refresh the page under the new IP and everything works fine. Also, ibVPN has a huge list of servers to choose from all over the world so geo-blocking isn’t an issue.

Might want to check it out. You can use it for 15 minutes at a time for free to see if you like it. Just go to where you get extensions for your browser and search for ibVPN. If you do like it, it’s cheap service. I pay $10.95 a month but you can get cheaper deals if you buy long term.