How to find the game that goes along with a .vlog file

I have a .vlog file that I don’t know the game its for. What would be the best way to find the game for it? I have some ideas like finding a way to decompress it and look through its data to find hints, but I don’t how the devs compressed it. You might be curious why I want to find the game for this particular file. Its for a college class that I am taking. Ironically 10% of the grade is from this. And yes, I am sure he won’t tell me which game it’s for. I was literally given this file and told learn a ‘extremely hard’ game. I researched the file and ended up here. Thank you for reading this and hope you can help.

It’s just a zip file. The game data is encrypted, but there will be a human readable file with the module name in it.

Thanks you! Your a grade saver!