How to Install - Load VASSAL 3.0


I am wanting to get back into VASSAL and VASL after a long time away (1989) and I am in over my head. Basic computer with only Windows XP home edition laptop is what I hope to get it loaded on.

I can confirm that I have the current version of Java installed and working from the Java site.

I can go in and see who is online in vASSAL now.

I can’t seem to get a game to web lauch.

I can’t seem to get the game loaded from the web onto my computer.

I have downloaded and saved a zip file of 3.0. Extracted the files and run the .BAT file.

But nothing happens that I can tell.

I have read the one page wiki documentation on how it should work but since I can’t get to that level I am asking for help.

Please someone respond here or at earl_8minus0 at yahoo dot com

If it matters I can get CyberBoard to work and haven’t tried VASL yet as I thought I needed to have VASSAL first?

Later, Earl

It’s possible you don’t have Java installed. If you download the latest beta release ( it comes with an installer that will install Java on your machine if necessary.

VASL is a separate download. You can run it without installing VASSAL.


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