How to Move Deck during game?

I’m working on a module wherein I need to be able to move a couple of decks on the main board to different locations depending on a dice roll. Is there a command to reposition a deck, or change its XY coords with a button?

It can be done, but . . . more on that later.

Let’s say you have a deck of cards on the table, and you want to move the deck. First, edit the cards. You need to add some commands (traits) to each card. There is a trait that shifts pieces; I think it’s “move fixed distance.” As an example, you add this trait so that when you press the right arrow key, the card moves right 200 (or whatever) pixels. Then you add the same trait again, but for the up, down, and left arrow keys to move the card up, down, and left. That’s an example; you can design a more sophisticated model, but you’re done.

Now play the game. Using your mouse, draw a box around the deck, which selects all cards in the deck. Press the arrow keys. Voila. The deck moves.

Now the “but.” This is not documented behavior. In fact, I suspect it’s unexpected and might be considered by some to be a bug, so be aware that someday the behavior may simply disappear.