How to read attributes manually

quick background - I’m trying to make a general version of VASL’s PieceFinder and am having trouble letting a module designer set the size the circle should be. I tried to do this with an attribute like ZapWar’s Min and Max. The attribute exists, I can edit it but it is not being used by the module.

So two questions.
1 - What line of code in the Tension class of Zap Wars loads in the min and max values stored in the module?
2 - Can this be done manually?
minChange = (something)

I tried commenting out a couple of items from the addto function but the min/max values still loaded. I then used constants for the calculation and it always used the constants so I know the version I changed is the one being used.

Never mind - finally tracked down the bug in the code. Attributes are now loading when the class is instantiated.