How to run from flash drive?

So I’ve installed the latest VASSAL on a flash drive, hoping to be able to run VASSAL from my work computer that way. However, when I launch the program (i.e. run the .exe on the flash drive) it is blocked.
Any workaround?
If not, any recommendations for a cheap and lightweight device to run VASSAL from while commuting, considering that would be the device’s main purpose?

Blocked by what? Are there any error messages?

This app has been blocked by your system administrator.

Can you run any programs from a flash drive?

It’s the first time I try, so I don’t know. Well that looks compromised. :worried:

USB Flash Drives are common carriers of malware/viruses and are very frequently limited/blocked by corporate group policies.

While it’s often a pain to the users, it does reduce risk to the business.

In most companies, deliberately circumventing security policies will have negative consequences, up to and including getting fired.

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