How to simulate playing both sides when developing a module?

Hello! I am having some difficulty not seeing every game piece in the modules with hidden information on playing pieces.

Basic setup:

WW2 Allies vs Japan; I start a game as the Allies. Immediately I can see all of the pieces for both sides in an unflipped/unhidden state. I can flip all of the pieces, and I get an indicator (Mask) that they have been flipped, but I can still see both sides as if they were both the Allies. If I “retire” and switch over to playing Japan, I can still see both sides as if I they were both Japan.

Here is the module I’m looking at:

So my question is, how does this even work? :smiley: I mean, I see the unit pieces have masks in their prototypes that are supposed to give the owner one view (little triangles on the edge of the piece) and give the opponent another view (blank back of piece), but I cannot for the life of me see that in action.

Thanks for any help on how to play a game like this “hot-seat” switching sides.