How to update extensions

Hey Guys.

Trying to do some updates to my mod… haveing a little problem with it.

My current mod is called CWC 1.10 Beta. All my extensions were made based off that version.

Now I want to change the name of it to CW 3.0. How do I get it to update all the extensions now?

If I change the name in the editor and load up the game to play, it tells me all the extensions wont work due to the fact it was made with a different version.

heres the problem/problems
#1 I dont seem to understand how the updater works in the editor?

#2 If I change the name of the mod, and then I load up the extension editor after, it wont let me pick those extensions I need to upgrade, tells me they were made with a different mod.

#3 and finally, the extensions I made were orginally made with vassal version 2.9.9. would that be cause a problem?

Sorry for all the newbie questions…



I just edited the build file to read 3.0… got it!


The transition to Vassal 3.0.1x should be almost seamless, in fact I can’t see anything in your module being affected at all between 2.9.9 and 3.0.1x, this includes extensions.

I also recommend you re-name your module file “CW 3.0.vmod”. “vmod” is the future extension name we will be using for vassal. Your extensions should also be changed from .zip to .mdx. When users see a “.zip” extension, their first reaction is to extract them.


I will start doing that.

Yeah, the main problem is, i am just learning using the editor as i go. Its a slow process. But so far I have managed. I know i have created more work for me then was needed. But, thats apart of the curve.

But, could you point me into a direction of a tutorial on how to make a updater file.

Just dont understand the procedure of using it.

This is dumb i know, but when I am editing a mod, and I say create updater. I do that, and it asks for the orginal mod i want to update… but isnt that the mod I am already using?

Cause right now, i just repost the whole mod file, as opposed to the smaller update file… and I would rather do the latter.

regards, and thanks for your help and suggestions.


I can’t help you with the updater JC, I always upload the entire modules myself because I’ve never managed to get the thing to work.
I’m not aware of their being any useful documentation either, this is something being discussed elsewhere in the forum. We’re in the process of getting a documentation team together right now to address this issue.

I’m very wary of some of the tools in the module editor and I’m sceptical as to whether some of them still work across later versions. Sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth from my experience.
If you want my advice, learn how the “buildFile” works. It’s pretty much the core of Vassal modules and once you become familiar with it, updating/removing/adding pieces becomes less painful.

Let’s say you’re updating your module from version 1.0 to version 2.0. When you have version 2.0 open in the editor, you create a new updater. When prompted for the older version, select the version 1.0 module. The resulting updater can be used to change that file into the one you’re currently editing.


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