HTML Help files not working

HTML help files on the Help menu don’t open. No browser is launched.

Running 3.1 on Mac OS X.

In the editor, when adding the HTML file under Help, the Contents > Browse button allows you to browse a folder, and select a Starting File, but then the contents of the box reverts to ‘null’.

In the module itself, the HTML folder appears to be added to the module, but it’s in a compressed format. The files are there, but the browser never finds them.

Can anyone shed any light on this issue?

This seems like a legitimate bug. I’m looking into it.


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Thus spake “mycenae”:

Fixed in 3.1@5385, trunk@5386.

Try the 3.1.3-svn5386 build (or later):


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This is working now just fine for modules, but the same problem seems to exist in the Extension Editor.

If I add an HTML file to an extension, the menu item shows up, but nothing happens when you click on it. No browser is launched if you click on an HTML file that was added in the extension.

(Note that if the HTML file was added in the module itself, it launches the browser and displays the file correctly. It’s only HTML files from an extension that seem to be affected.)

Running 3.14 on a Mac.

I’ve filed this as Bug 3205: … gi?id=3205

Ed, could you verify for us that you can still reproduce this?