I created a Starcraft Board Game Module

Right now I only have it for personal use, I am currently looking for the steps for releasing it publically.

Does anyone know who I would need to contact to get permissions for this?

Oh i love this game!!
I hope u will release soon! :slight_smile:

still waiting for blizzards licensing department, they are the last line I need to wait for.

please let me know when you are able to release i own the game it is one of my favs.

This email was the farthest I got, I contacted blizzard licensing via email with no response. Perhaps I had the wrong contact email?

Aside from blizzards permission to use their IP and trademarks, the module is fully prepared for release.

If anyone can help me with this last step I can finally release this module to the world. Since FFG is perfectly fine with me releasing it, I won’t have to blank out any of the cards, the game will be 100% playable even without the board game (since it’s no longer for sale anyway).

If anyone has suggestions on how I can contact Blizzard to get the answer I need, let me know.

so ? have you allowed ?

Hello all !

I’m very interressted by having this starcraft module for personnal use only.

If someone could give me at this @ : lord.ghendar@gmail.com

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:


After all this time waiting pretty sure blizzard doesn’t care, Fantasy flight isn’t making money off it anymore anyway.

I’m not making money off of it.

Blizzard doesn’t even want to respond to my direct email to them, I doubt they would respond to me publishing it.

vassalengine.org/wiki/Module … Board_Game

Very cool. Thank you for sharing!