I don't know how to .VLOG

I need some help. I’m not familiar with .vlog being new to vassal and all. I know how to start/end log, and how to view an opponents vlog. But how do I SAVE a vlog? Do I just save the game normally, or is there some intermediate step to take, such as “save as [vlog]”?

I did a screen capture but it’s 476 mb and takes ages to load to my youtube. Can someone please help? I don’t want to do my first turn a THIRD time until I know how do do this…


You just described it!

  1. Use File → Begin Logfile
  2. Do all your moves, enter chat messages, etc
  3. Use File → End Logfile

The output is the .vlog file to send your opponent. This is covered in the VASSAL Help (Help menu → User’s Guide).

Yeah I figured it out. Thanks!

When you’re recording your turn with a vlog, is there any way to highlight the hex you are attacking? And which of your own units are partaking in the attack? Especially units in a stack that are attacking different hexes?

There’s no universal built-in capability like this, though some modules might include markers you can put on the map to make such designations. In the absence of those, use chat messages to clarify what is happening. The opponent will see these messages go by during log playback.

you mean chat here on vassal? Please expand, I’m new to the engine…

No. When using a module, there should be a message window area (usually between the main toolbar and the map), along with a text entry box. You type a message, hit Enter, and you should see your message display in the same place that reports piece movement, dice rolls, etc.

You mean the white area just below the log text?

That is correct. Just try it–nothing will break.