I have time for games

It is my gaming season. Off of work till spring .Seeks opponent with plenty of gaming time also - ONLY .
Games in my library . GMT - Fields of Despair , Labyrinth ,Triumph & Tragedy , Clash of Giants Civil war and Washington’s War .
MMP’s - Kingdom of Heaven or Warriors of God (currently setup )
Old AH - Blitzkrieg , Bulge , Russian Campaign , D Day , War and Peace ( a way of life ? ) and Russian Front ( again ,maybe not a way of life campaign , although . . . with the right opponent ? )
Columbia Games - Athens/Sparta
Old VG’s - Central America or Gulf Strike .
Newly purchased - Compass Games - War for America and GMT;s Empire of the Sun ( both yet to learn/play )

Blitzkrieg and/or The Russian Campaign would work for me

Hello !
Thank you for the reply.
Either game would be good for me. And since you are the 1st to reply i will let you make the choice.
Live play is fine when i can , but i think the preferred method would be vlog file exchange.
That way there is no hurry, plenty of time to study moves etc.
I am regrettably leery of vassal opponents.
Most games end without finish and the last time i posted for opponent , oddly enough , the response was also for Blitzkrieg.Well after over an hour wasted on setup, he never showed.
I do see your game handle in my past replies so hopefully it was not you !
Again let me know your preferences. Blitzkrieg can be a vast game . Lots of versions and optional rules.
Live play or vlog or email of moves.
Would be nice to find a regular opponent .
I can be described as hardcore , but very commutative . Can probably make game moves everyday , but realize most people may not have that much game time. And i also may have time that i will not be able to play.
So let me know what game and we can go from there.
( will have to brush up on rules and currently have both game tables taken. So probably talking a week at most , till i can play )

If you are still looking for a game, I would like to do Central America. I have been interested in playing this for a while but have not found anyone willing to try. I used to own the game, but traded it. So I would need to find digital version of the rules.

I can only do PBEM (no live play possible) but I am very dedicated and can do a move a day minimum. Let me know if interested.

Hello ! Thank you for your reply !
Had an a initial response but have not heard further. Alot of commers and goers on here.
I would very much like to give Central America a go. Currently have no tables available but that should give us time to refresh ourselves with rules etc. Give me a couple of days to get ready and let me know , scenarios , method of play we can use etc. About a week prepare time . Let me know what you think . Mark G

Many, if not most, module pages have a list of interested players at the bottom of the page.
From the Menu at the top right corner, copy and paste a name into the Users search window and you can message them to find out whether they might be interested in a game. Note that some names may no longer be members of this site.

If you are interested in playing gmt Empire of the Sun I’m also learning and searching opponents to play a couple of games

Tyvm for the insight.

Have not dove into it yet. still shrinked . But when i do i will keep you in mind. maybe sooner than later. always excited about new games .

ok, let me know when you want to play

here is my email . mntman12@aol.com
i have an opened table and will be breaking out the game !
Give me some time to refresh . Dont know your status but you may wish to get ready also. Will be in touch in a couple days. Then we can pick or draw sides . Decide on scenarios etc .
My name is Mark

Hello, Mark:

We have alot of the same games in our collections. Also learning EotS. I’m most interested in playing Russian Front right now. I’d prefer to exchange pbem Vassal vlogs. My slight preference is for the Soviets, although I will play the Axis as well. We could follow the rules in 16.1 and play the entire Campaign. Maybe it will go the full 42 turns, maybe not. Not so interested in the 3 month game.

If you’re looking for a leisurely game of The Russian Campaign against a not-that-good opponent, I’d love to play.

I’d be good fpr a leisurely game of Russian Campaign. I’m a 24/7 carer, so I’d much prefer leisurely.


Sounds good.

Which side would you prefer?

I’ve got the AH 3rd edition.

I’d suggest I play Russians - I have an initial setup available, although it is currently in a module developed for 4th edition (the Toze Santos module). Should be readily transferrable to a 3rd edition module if you have a preference. Direct email is neildunbar54@gmail.com. I’m in UK.


We have created two Vassal module for the P-500 “Congress of Vienna” and a CDG type PoG for the Peninsular War 1808-1814 named “The Spanish Ulcer” for 3 or 2 players. We need playtesting for the solitaire version for “Congress of Vienna”, and standard players for “The Spanish Ulcer” by PBEM or “face to face” games. We have playtesters in USA and Spain. We need sound opinions about the game and its Vassal module.

My mail is quiqueesparrago@hotmail.com