I heard someone was working on Conflict of Heroes?

Was that true?

If so any idea on time frame? Not to be pushy being the nice person is volunteering there time and effort but I was just wondering.

Ive built adc2 modules but never a vassal one.


Gary Krockover is working on it

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thanks much for the confirmation


I have most of the “guts” of the module made, and have all the images that it needs. I may have Tim McCarron lend a hand with some of the more “advanced” techniques that are beyond my VASSAL making skill level.

If anybody else wants to step in, let me know. I have all the original artwork as supplied by the game designer.

P.S. In the meantime, I have created a ZunTzu gamebox for it (also sanctioned by the game designer). Email me if interested (gamebox is pending being posted to the CoH site but I can provide an alternate link for now).

gary at garykrockover dot com

thanks, appreciate it


Any update on this?