I Just Donated. Here's why

I am in the process of bringing a great old game back to life. In doing so, I’ve come across a couple bugs. The developers have fixed them very quickly, allowing me to keep making progress. The Devs and others do a ton of work to make VASSAL happen and I appreciate the heck out of them. If you’ve gotten as much as I have out of VASSAL, I hope you will consider donating as well.


I just donated, too, and the “why” was reading this post. (I didn’t even realize there was a donation link.) I even checked the “make it monthly” checkbox, yeehaw!

I’ve been using Vassal more or less actively and regularly for the past year and some months, and it’s been a huge positive contributor to my sanity and happiness.

  • First, one of my best friends from college (living 1000 miles away from me) and I reconnected kinda randomly and revived some of our old days with PanzerBlitz on Vassal. We hadn’t spoken in almost a decade. We’ve played a lot of real-time and PBEM over the past year. (We actually started with TTS and moved to Vassal when we decided the PBEM feature was a must.)
  • Second, I wrote a useful module extension (using a custom Java class, no less!), which was fun.
  • Third, I authored a small module with help from that same friend, and the cooperative act of creation there was very gratifying.
  • Fourth, I’m using Vassal to participate in playtesting a forthcoming wargame from my favorite publisher. Again, participating in the creation/design process is awesome, and it’s facilitated so much by Vassal’s platform. It’s really impressive.

So, Vassal gives me this nice variety. I can play games and (help) make games, and both activities are such great fun and made so much easier by Vassal’s openness.

Well, that’s my paean. I’ll echo the OP and ask, if any of this strikes a chord with you, please consider donating!