I simple menu request change in the next version

The option to load a continuation should be changed to load a log file since later in the same menu the option to Begin Logfile is used. There is nothing clearly explaining that loading a continuation is actually loading a logfile! I think that simple change would help new people understand the concepts of log files.

just my 2 cents!


I agree. Until I saw this thread I did not realize what a “continuation” is.

One thing to think about… you can actually load a log file with the regular “Load Game”. The only difference with “Load Continuation” is that you’re allowed to load it “over top” of the current game (with the thinking being that you’re loading the next thing to continue it).

I definitely agree it’s currently confusing though. It’s almost like we should just let you “Load Game” from anywhere (in its current meaning of Save OR Log file)

So that’s what that option is for, and I was wondering what a “continuation” is. I just use “load game” to load log files, it does what I need.

I certainly had no idea what it was for. I’ve simply used the Log File method and ignored the rest of it with the exception of using Save Game when playing Solo.