Ici c'est la France! module

I am attempting to set up for play of the above game, PBEM. I have the French and have picked the 9 political chits and placed them in the French hand. My opponent then has picked his FLN political chits and 2 French political chits which he placed on the map. The chits I picked don’t appear in the logfile he saved. 3 of the chits, Ici, c’est la France, France will stay, and Reforms don’t appear in the pool on the 2nd module.

We are both using 3.2.17 and the 1.0.1. module.

I dont’t know what if anything, I’m doing wrong. has a problem with the module been reported. If not, any ideas what we’re doing wrong.

Phil C

got it fixed and working. Still don’t know what I was doing wrong.