Ideas for an A&A-style WWI game


I’m working on a vassal module for a World War I game based on the Axis and Allies system and I’d like to include some nation-specific units and special rules for different nations. I already have some ideas, but maybe you have some suggestions, too? I’d really appreciate your help and thank you very much in advance!

You do know that there is an A&A 1914 game out?

yes, thanks, A&A was the first wargame I’ve ever played and it introduced me into the hobby. But in my opinion, it is a bit too simple and too far away from history. This is why I need something more advanced.

Here are the ideas I already have:


  • Stoßtruppen: when attacking and the attack is reduced due to terrain or trench, then they are reduced by 1 less than other units
  • better and cheaper Zeppelins


  • Cossacks: attack bonus vs enemy cavalry
  • Imperial Guards: elite infantry, but which always has to take the first hit in combat and only a limited number can be built


  • Zouaves and Foreign Legion: both units roll 2 dice in combat; only a limited number can be in play

United Kingdom:

  • only one nation which has already developed tank technology, but, like other nations, can’t build tanks prior to 1916
  • British Expedition Force - elite units, which can’t be replaced once eliminated
  • Canadians and ANZAC fight a bit better than standard British infantry, but units from colonies fight a bit worse


  • infantry and cavalry from different nations: Austrians, Hungarians, Czech, Bosnians/Croats, Polish/Ukrainian with different combat values
  • Polish Legion: combat bonus vs Russians, can’t be rebuilt once lost
  • Kaiserjäger: elite infantry from Tyrol which always fires first in mountain terrain; only a limited number can be in play
  • Hungarian cavalry defends better than other cavalry when attacked by cossacks


  • Banzai charge: attack bonus for Japanese infantry, but it is eliminated after combat


  • Marines: no penalty when attacking across a river or conducting an amphibious invasion; only a limited number can be in play

What do you think about it?

Sorry for not noticing your reply before. I’m actually going to be Playing A&A 1914 F2F for the first time. I’ll think about your ideas after I have actually played the game.

This is interesting.