IF Statement in Calculated Property not working

I have a Calculated Property and it says:

If(VPDeckPlayer1_Hydra>0 && VPDeckPlayer1_SupHydra>0,(VPDeckPlayer1_Hydra*3)*VPDeckPlayer1_SupHydra,30)

The 30 should actually be 0. But, I did 30 to see if the formula was even working, and it wasn’t. The score should have went up something and it didn’t affect it at all. I even tried:

If(VPDeckPlayer1_Hydra>0 && VPDeckPlayer1_SupHydra>0,VPDeckPlayer1_Hydra3VPDeckPlayer1_SupHydra,30)

thinking that the parenthesis were messing it up. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Oh, this property is called Player1SupHydraScore and is used in the next Calculated Property that adds this to the other player VPs.