Imperial Struggle

My friend and I are playing our first game of Imperial Struggle with the module and it has decided to not count the flags properly (we are not sure when this started but we noticed it on turn 3. It is doing it in many of the regions and they are easy to spot (such as in Europe where I have only 3 prestige spaces…one of them was in conflict…yet the module was indicating that I had 4 prestige points. I can share the latest shared file to show this to someone that would like to look into this.

Since the examples are simple counting (which we did and redid to make sure we weren’t the problem) it is pretty obvious in our minds the module is adding flags up wrong.

Would love some help to solve this.


Go to the module page and make sure you are logged into the wiki. The module creator’s email address will then become a hyperlink so you can contact him directly.

Unfortunately for Imperial Struggle there is no section for module maintainer like in other modules.

The file upload logs show that was uploaded by user alexander331bc; you could try sending a message directly to that user (click on “User Control Panel”, “Private messages”, “Compose message”).