Imported Deck not saved in log file

I have implemented a custom deck import function in Java for a specific module. It uses a local file (that has been exported from another site) as the source for the import. I am adding GamePieces to the Player Deck draw pile. But when that is done while logging, the deck is gone when the log file is opened.

I understand from the Programming Tutorial that I have to implement a Command in order for it to do a sendAndLog to get it send over server and put in log file. But since the import relies on a local file (that only one player has) how do I complete the import and make the resulting deck “stick” so it is known to the server / logger?

I was considering putting all the imported GamePieces into the player’s discard pile then having the command shuffle into the deck, but then it seems the other player would need to execute some command to make that happen.

Am I missing some easy way to make a constructed deck “official” and visible to the server / logger?


Have you checked how the standard deck import function does it?