Improved and unified keystroke input in the editor

The range of input that various traits allow when assigning keystrokes is not consistent, while I’d like to be able to have consistent keyboard shortcuts across the entire module (like frex spacebar for primary functions of all pieces, enter for secondary functions etc.).

For instance, opening a property sheet always requires ctrl-something, while other traits do just fine with a single key. Also, it seems impossible to assign delete or backspace in the editor - though apparently it can be done through manual editing of the buildfile. Arrow keys (as well as page up/down, I think) also appear out of question for many traits, while they seem like a intuitive choice of shortcut for increasing/decreasing dice values or the like.

Finally, occasionally there was no way to leave the keyboard shortcut field blank in the module, entirely removing the option from the piece’s right-click menu. It was particularly problematic with the Play Sound trait, as I wanted rolling the dice to trigger a sound, but no ability to play the sound without rolling. I only managed to achieve that end result through manually editing buildfile to assig a non-existent key code to Play Sound.

So, would it be possible to:

  1. Make the editor accept any keystroke or keystroke combination when assigning keyboard shortcuts, for all traits?

  2. Add a button for clearing the assigned keyboard shortcut (and consequently remove a given option from the piece’s right-click menu), for all traits?

This has been addressed in Vassal 3.2. The KeyStroke fields in all traits have been replaced with a new version.

The KeyStroke mediates the action so it is not possible to remove the KeyStroke. In Vassal 3.1.x it is not possible to have a menu option with no keystroke.

However, in Vassal 3.2, you can use ‘Virtual Keystrokes’ instead of real keystrokes for key commands. ‘Virtual Keystrokes’ are defined by name and do not appear in the menu, so you have the effect of a Command with no keyboard shortcut.


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Cool, that’s great. I’ll be waiting for 3.2, then.