Increasing Font on Vassal Screens

Howdy Gents,

I’ve figured out how to port my computer from the CRT (for lack of a better descriptor) to my larger 52" TV. When I made the arrangements to run HDMI from my computer to TV I envisioned being able to play my games as well as program mods from the comfort of my easy chair or couch ten feet away, afterall that TV is awfully big. Everything else is bigger on it.

But guess what … the print on the Vassal screens became even smaller than on the 17 inch CRT.

Strange that everything else is larger, MSWord, Excel, Adobe, you name it, except of course Vassal.

Can anything be done to provide magnifier properties to the main Vassal control screens? I’m not talking about the controls to enlarge a game board. Those work just fine. I simply cannot read things like “Begin a new Log file”, or End a Log File", or any of the small controls you find on the menu bar at the top of a vmod such as 1d6, or Dead Pile, or some such. All the stuff on the command bar, the menu bar, and within those drop downs might as well be on the moon.