Installation issues: desktop vs laptop [Windows 10]

Hi there!

I ran into an interesting issue and I assume it is more “on my side” than on the side of Vassal / Java.

I would like to share the details and ask for potential solutions / ideas to troubleshoot.

The whole story short: I can install Vassal on my Win 10 laptop (works as expected, no hiccups whatsoever), but my Win 10 desktop does not even let me install it from the .exe or use the zipped version without errors.

On the desktop:

  • I get NSIS errors when trying to use the installer (attachment with a screenshot)
  • if I use the zipped version of Vassal, I can run it (yay!) but when I try to load a module, I get Socket errors (attachment with a screenshot and the text file with the log)

None of the below helped:

  • I have used /NCRC in the cmd console of Windows to bypass the installer integrity checks.
  • I have uninstalled/reinstalled Java several times to make sure it’s not a Java error.
  • I have checked and verified the integrity of Windows system files.
  • I have checked these forums for troubleshooting NSIS issues, but only found a post from 2014 which did not help me solve this issue.

I’m curious to hear what you think could be causing this, in case that’s an issue previously encountered by someone.

Regards :slight_smile:

This makes me think you’re having some sort of permissions problem. Is it possible that you have, say, an antivirus program that’s preventing the installer from running and preventing VASSAL from opening a socket for communicating with the image tiler?

Thank you for taking a look at this, I really appreciate your attention :slight_smile:

I am using the out-of-the-box Windows 10 Security Center with nothing else on top of it.

I’m OK with sharing more details about this issue, but I don’t want to make it a huge issue. As long as my laptop works with Vassal, I’m fine. Played Pax Pamir with friends recently and we had a blast!

Closing the loop on this with a happy ending: my desktop decided to start working nicely with installers.

I did some registry cleanup and general maintenance on the whole operating system and that seems to have helped - however, I do not remember finding “that one single setting” that would make it work after a flip of the switch.

Thank you for your help and patience, happy to have VASSAL on all my computers now :slight_smile: