Installation of 3.5.4 blocked by antivirus program

My antivirus program Avira (vers has blocked the installation of because the files “showed the muster ‘ADWARE/CrossRider.Gen7’”. Such things never happened before. So what the heck?!?!

The file about which your AV program is complaining is our uninstaller. You can see the results for it on VirusTotal here: … /detection

Five of the 68 AV programs VirusTotal checks are misidentifying our uninstaller as malware. I suspect that the “CrossRider” software two of them are reporting also uses NSIS as an installer, as we do. Two of the five give no indication of what they’re detecting. McAfee-GW-Edition flags something else from “Avira (no cloud)” and F-Secure.

If you search any Windows machine for files commonly associated with malware, you’ll find loads. This is because the files most commonly found in malware are most commonly found in all Windows software. Malware has dependencies and uses libraries just like all software does, so “file X looks like a file found in malware” is a poor indicator that the file in question is in fact part of malware. This is one of the ways that AV software can get confused.


  • Upload the file in question to VirusTotal yourself. Check that it has the same hash as the one I uploaded.
  • Report the false positive to these AV vendors.

There is also a similar issue with me I have searched for solving this issue on the net But I did not get anything from net which I can resolve this problem but now seems to solve my issue after visiting this forum.